Ruthless Wanderer

May 30, 2009

Its been a long time since I updated my blog, courtesy work and ofcourse my mind. I have been working nonstop lately. I had never worked so hard for my exams also. Anyway, anything has to happen for the first time.

Now you must be wondering why I chose the title of the post as Ruthless wanderer, and who it might be.
Its none other than my mind. It can travel around the world 5 times in a second. When I started writing this post I wanted to write something for the sake of updating the blog. A moment later it occured to me that why should not I write the things which makes a pass into my mind during writing.
That was just a thought, probably nobody on earth can understand if I ever happen to write that way.

But I want to tell you about this ruthless wanderer in me. So let me tell you what all crossed him today while on my way back from office. By the way why did I call mind as him(subconsciously)?

As soon as I was out of the office he started thinking about the newly laid road and a red Maruthi Swift standing under a tree. As I walked past 2-3 yards away and took a right turn with my one eye on a shop, he(mu mind) was thinking of the nice dresses displayed and made a calculation that he should drag me sometimes to that shop. After a walk of few minutes I was about to cross the road. I could sense the fear in him, I bet you he can never get rid of the fear of crossing road.

As I was walking in the Jyothi Nivas college road, he was looking at the hotels and people in and around  of hotel. I was seeing the vehicles parked on supposed to be one way road,
almost occupying more than half of the road. As I walked on the footpath he started cursing the people for bringing the footpath to such a sorry state. I agree with him. People can hardly walk on the
footpath easily, since hotels, fast food centers, juice centers hardly leave the footpath for the public.

A woman sitting on the footpath in her late teens caught my eyes. Another old women was sitting next to her and was preaching this young woman holding a baby in her hand. He wanted to listen to what the
old woman was preaching, with no avail. My walking speed was more and the ol woman’s voice was shrill. Few steps away there came a Hot chips shop. A kid of not more than 10 years was grating the potato watching all the pedestrians pass by, his skin oily and pale after standing in front of the frying pan from long. Does he have parents to take care of him?  Did the kid ever wanted to go to school, whether he enjoyed the work he was doing????????? He(my mind) was asking me so many questions which I could not answer. For a while he was lost in thoughts, feeling sad for the ordeal people go through. I tried to cheer him up by making him think of something else.

I think I have told enough about this interesting Ruthless wanderer in me 🙂