Quarter life crisis??

November 12, 2009

I wake up in the morning, hoping it is not a morning. I hate my office. I hate my work. I hate the cubicle. I hate talking to friends. I go to office hoping that the day gets over soon. Ppl ask me “what happened?”, I hate even answering that question. I hate walks after lunch, and the talks over the lunch. Small teases become irritating. Its weird, suddenly silence has become so comforting. I am comfortable with computer all the time rather than human beings. Daily talks with my parents does not help me either, rather it drives me crazy. Even my favourite pastime Table Tennis is irksome. I hate crowd, I like to be alone. Future looks frightening. A strange feeling that life is going out of control,  a feeling that somebody else is controlling my life. Even prayers dont help. Night full of nightmares. Oh, Is there a escape? Is this what they call as Quarter life crisis?

Its true that being in twenties is something, weird, full of uncertainties.

 Have you ever felt this way??