Straight from heart..

September 19, 2009


First of all, my sincere apologies to all the readers of my blog, especially to the ones who are more than happy to read it and post their comments. Its been pretty long since I last updated my blog, reasons are many. Lol! We humans are very good at giving reasons, aren’t we?
One genuine reason I can think of not blogging is, my weekends are busier now. And I am happy to say that I have accomplished few things these days.

One such thing being Teaching, Yes, me and my friends decided to take some time off from our habitué life to do some quality work on weekends, apart from meeting and chatting. Teaching was my long time dream. That is  a profession I always looked up to and still think it as a great profession which has a potential to tune the kids and build the nation’s future. I hesitated when I was asked to teach English for 6th std kids at a government school. I thought atleast 100 times before committing to the job. I was doubtful of my teaching skills and I always considered my English as crummy and unworthy of teaching. I was very tensed the day before I went to school, I had spent considerable time figuring out 6th std Kid’s IQ and knowledge.
To my surprise the situation at the school was far different from what I anticipated. Lot of attention was needed to make them understand the very fundamentals. By the end of the first class I had come to conclusion that
1.Teaching is no cakewalk, you wont realize the difficulty unless you jump into it.
2.Teaching language like english which has no apparent logic in it is challenging.
Thanks to all Kiranas, especially to Ninja for giving me such opportunity.

If family is air, friends are water to me.
I know that it is a weird quote, and a weird analogy, but a reality. I grew up with friends more than my siblings. I have spent more time with my friends, more than I did it with my parents. Always friends were there for me at times when I was feeling low, when I was breaking with tears and not to forget when I wanted to share my joy.  I have a long list of friends, right from 6th std, whom I want to thank for being so nice to the ones I made recently, who are bundle of care. Special thanks to Bug and Channa for their care and concern, who wont rest until they make sure that I reach my place safely on a late working day at office.

Thanks to all…