Shoe throwing

It was a regular day at office, I was sitting in front of my comp battling to keep my closing eyes open, asusual after the lunch. A mail popped with an attachment. I opened outlook to see what it was. Flash game, wow!! I turned around to make sure that I was not under surveilance. I started the game and I was all smiles. It was a simple flash game, like a normal shooting game.Β  A small twist, instead of bullets there were shoes and the target was George Bush. I started playing and to my surprise I was enjoying the game trying to hit Bush coming out of the table once in a while.

Its funny that such shoe throwing incidents are becoming popular and frequent, recent one being our own PMs case. Shoe throwing is becoming a new way of showing the deep anguish. Thanks to the Iraqi journalist who started this tradition. Though this kind of act seems insane, crudeΒ  and uncivilized, it is better in a way than using guns and bullets.

I would be happy if terrorists follow this tradition of throwing shoes(LOL!) on people who they are angry on rather than cruel way of killing the innocent people.


These elections, political drama and IPL is driving me crazy. I am finding myself arguing more and more on these topics. I sometimes have wondered why the hell I am bothering so much. But for the first time I am realizing how miserable India has become or rather how much it is spoilt in the hands of politicians. India is been torn down on the basis of religion, caste, power, corruption what not. And its a shame that still India is lead by suchΒ  shameless creatures without ethics who make the max use of boneless tongue to exploit India and Indians.


5 Responses to Shoe throwing

  1. Manu says:

    Even i used to play that game in office.. πŸ˜€ but dint find it interesting..
    Ur bothering about it bcoz ur matured now .. πŸ˜€ compared to 5 years back.. πŸ˜€

  2. Sudheer says:

    Good one, again!.

    We, Indians (majority of us) are followers most of the time and not the leaders. How many of us even gave a thought to take up say politics as a career or a public service as career? There are very few people who have taken the public service as choice and they are all doing a great job. The so called political leaders exploit all minor issues, because they know that we can be easily exploited!. Unless there is a new wave of awareness among the common people of India, India would be as it is today, even 10 years from now.

  3. Hakuna Matata!! says:

    Nice one.. Good.. now a days youth is discussing these kinna topics more.. i hope some day when we rule this country i meant guys or may be gals from our batch (1985 to 1987) πŸ˜‰ they might remember these discussions and make our country better place to live in.. πŸ™‚


    Once again good one.. Keep on doing the same work.. πŸ™‚

  4. friendly neighbourhood huduga says:

    We should start throwing chapli’s to “AUTO DRIVERS” who r rude to us πŸ˜‰

  5. friendly neighbourhood huduga says:

    beware of basava..!!

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