March 16, 2009

If there is anyone who enjoys BMTC journeys, it must be me.  One reason which i can think of, which contributes to my basking trips in BMTC is I dont have to commute daily in buses anymore. But in my college days BMTC was very important part of my life. My daily commutes to college in the bus created a special bond with them, so much so that I could recall almost all the bus numbers(not route numbers) of the buses which came in my route.
It was totally new experience to commute in BMTC during initial days of engineering. I was appalled to see people hanging to the bus with only half of their foot resting on the footboard. Daily I would sight people travelling in such a horrifying way and always feared they would hit a current pillar or another vehicle and die. Touchwood, nothing of that sort ever happened infront of my eyes.
I got used to such vistas by the time I was in 2nd year and I had started observing more significant things  happening around me. I observed greedy conductors collecting money from passengers without issuing ticket, it left me bewildered. I wondered whether they ever felt guilty of their actions at any point of time. I became aware of people taking advantage of rush and falling upon ladies  sometimes deliberately, conductors leaning on ladies in the pretense of issuing tickets etc etc… These things kinda puzzled me. 
By the time I was in mid 3rd year of engineering I had got a mobile phone with FM. My observations now moved out of the bus. Skillful Bangaloreans driving crazily in traffic amused me. It was fun to see people trying to overtake other vehicles from a distance of less than an inch. I told myself, “I am not fit to drive in this Bangalore traffic“.
These daily bonds with BMTC came to an end with the end of college life. BMTC commutes had made me aware of things around me, making me stronger and bolder. Not to forget to mention that I had even spent few hours studying on the bus. I had sometimes managed to study whole chapter in bus during exams and internals.
It is such tiny incidents which make my BMTC trips interesting and thanks to FM channels which can be refreshing, especially when you are stuck in traffic jams.


Power cut!!!

March 6, 2009

Power cut has become quite common these days. I dont know about other areas in Bangalore, how much its prevalent, but in Koramangala it has become a routine. Power cut brings the whole machinery of life to a stand still.

There are few reasons to rejoice about these power cuts.

1. I always felt it’s unfair to supply power 24 hours to urban areas, I hated city dwellers for the same thing(Thats the evil in me, isn’t it?). That is because I have seen people struggling in villages to irrigate crops, infact I was part of that struggle.

2. In our so called busy life we find TV and Computer more comfortable than talks with family(that does not apply to me anyways). So when there is no power it’s a good idea to sit with family and have a friendly conversation.

3. Joy of  lying on bed and thinking nothing, or thinking of some good old felicitous  moments, or thiking of someone  is innumerous. So you get to enjoy that rear feeling when there is power cut.

4. You get the privilege of having candle light dinner free of cost 🙂

5. You can even call up your good old friends, with whom you dont remember when you talked last time.

Now I am sure you are all convinced to some extent that power cut is good.  No matter how complicated things are, there is always a  positive side to it.

As woman’s day is nearing I wish Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful women out there.