Wasted days of my life

February 27, 2009

It was a day out cleaning my dirty looking room. I had enough time to remove all the abandoned things which were starting to fossilize under my cot. One disgusting thing when you stay in PG( or as PG? I am not sure which one is right) is you never have sufficient place for yourself, let alone your things however precious they might be. I had dumped two bags of my books under my cot. I could feel the anguish on myself for bringing the books to such a sorry state.

Yeah, books mean a lot to me. I can’t stand people when they dont return my books in good health. Now what the hell I had done to my own books? I loosened the mouth of the bags hurriedly, I could see the books in battered shape. They seemed to be able to breath easily when I placed them on the table one after the other. All the books brought memories of college life back.

Those assignments, internals, struggles to complete records,  the way I battled for outputs in the lab, mass bunks, combined studies….. Those days wil never come back. I was awakened from middle of my thoughts when book slipped out of my hand and fell down.

There fell a yellow colour stout electronics book Millman Halkias, laughing at me. I was never able to complete a single chapter from that book. I bought that book for the reason that it was prescribed book. Seniors had told me “it’s like a bible for electronics students”. Rather it was like a classic work in electronis. You dont understand classics easily. I could not bear the mere thought of Millman and Halkias laughing at me so placed it behind me. Unfortunately, every other book I had placed in front of me seemed to laugh at me.  It was a horrible feeling. It was my mistake of not studying when I was supposed to. What a loser I was. That guilt inside was haunting me in the form of  books.

I had made a decision not to think of yesterday and waste my today. I consoled myself and went on arranging the books, promising them a better place next time.



February 17, 2009

Hello Friends,

This is my first venture in this blogging sea. I had an idea to start a blog since long ago. I could never materialize it since I was  underconfident about my blogging skills. It’s my boring, unfruitful weekends which fired the blogging instinct in me. So I started my blog on Sunday, Feb 15th  and posting for the first time after 2 days of starting the blog.

I saw the movie “Serendipity” yesterday, thought I will share few thoughts about the movie with you. Quite a solacing movie which begins with a girl and a boy meeting accidentally in a store ending up liking same pair of hand gloves. They spend few hours together sharing their interests and fascinations. They decide to depart without exchanging any personal information except their first name. Movie goes on explainging how they believe in the destiny with the hope that they will meet again sometime later during the course of time. Destiny favours them in its own way, and they meet finally and lead a happy life.

It was fun to watch the movie nevertheless  Destiny favouring what you yearn for, seldom happens. You must be lucky enough to pursue each and everything the way you want. Sometimes it makes no sense to believe in destiny, alas at some point of  time we are really guided by it. Think it over.